Cabling is the basic physical infrastructure for your organization’s communications, so it is necessary to be aware of the importance it has for the proper functioning of your communications networks.

Zeus Technology puts at your disposal a wide portfolio of solutions and services, and extensive experience in this type of projects, to provide you with a cabling infrastructure that avoids problems and is prepared for your future communications needs.

Whatever your needs may be, relocating your company, creating new offices, expanding staff or integrating new devices, Zeus Technology can provide you, with full guarantee, the physical communications infrastructure necessary for your company.

Guaranteed Wiring Solutions

With the aim of providing a global solution to your company’s communications infrastructure, Zeus Technology puts at your disposal an engineering department to advise you on optimizing the design of your structured cabling system. We offer you maximum guarantees thanks to our extensive experience in this field and the peace of mind that comes with having a complete solution for your communications network.

Our projects offer complete solutions ranging from a panel to a user socket, based on copper and fiber optic products, allowing the user to operate with equipment from any manufacturer and guarantee the compatibility of the system with all current and future standards.

Backed by the best manufacturers, we offer a guarantee on its solutions of up to 25 years, both in product and performance.

Wiring Types

To provide a global solution for your company’s communications network, Zeus Technology offers you cabling infrastructure solutions at all levels:

Category 5E Solution

Category 6 Solution

Category 7 Solution

Multimode Fiber Optic Solution

Singlemode Fiber Optic Solution

Campus wiring and industrial premises

Connectivity for CPDS

Zeus Technology provides practical connectivity solutions for data centers. The preconnected cabling solutions in copper RJ-45 and fiber optic versions with multiple connector options 100Mb, 1G and 10Gb, save 90% of the time invested in interconnection tasks between racks, whether in a LAN, WAN or connectivity environment. for Traditional Voice.

These systems are made up of cables and patchpanel, as well as a complete line of patchcord and accessories necessary to complete the installation. The cables and patchpanel come terminated and tested at the factory, which makes installation easier as it is enough to pull or place the cable, and connect it to the patchpanel. Minimal knowledge is required to install this system, which gives independence to the IT department, and the need for field space and installation time is reduced to a minimum.

Smart wiring. Structured Cabling Network Management

We also offer wiring solutions that allow you to monitor each assignment in the distributors. In this way, changes to the network (whether planned or unintentional) are automatically recognized and documented in real time.

How many times is an IT incident due to a faulty cable or poor connection? Smart cabling solutions allow you to monitor the wiring network, plan tasks, easily solve breakdowns and, ultimately, have total control of the physical medium, both copper and fiber.

Value added services

In addition to new wiring, we also offer services on existing wiring:

Sanitation of networks and communication nodes

The extensive experience and professionalism of Zeus Technology’s technical and installation staff provides you with complete security when making a cabinet or rack change due to expansion, a clean-up or restructuring of the CPD, or an update of the entire wiring infrastructure of the company, carrying out the work in a short period of time, always planned and without affecting network users.

Certification and solution of breakdowns in copper and fiber optic links

Any hardware migration must be supported by the cabling infrastructure. If your cable network is not guaranteed by certifications, Zeus Technology carries out an audit, with state-of-the-art scanning equipment, to solve possible breakdowns or, failing that, advise you on the total or partial implementation of a new cabling system. .

Other infrastructure

Being the structured cabling solution (SCS) the most widely implemented in companies today, in order to offer optimal service to all our clients, we strive to provide solutions for a wide range of cable systems, such as Coaxial, Series or Twinaxial..


Given the vital importance of a cabling infrastructure, Zeus Technology allows you to take advantage of a maintenance contract to be prevented from probable causes of cable cutting, patchcord breakage, etc., always with the security of a quick restoration of the service.